Salt mining and extraction method

There are two type of situation today, salt mine

1-mountain salt mines.

2-the Salt Lake or salt extracted from sea water
The city of Garmsar in the salt mines and salt-salt products company God bless all of the salt mountain and raw material type.
In the area of the city of garmsar in salt mine-salt extract to doroush gets

1. open salt mines.

2-salt mines tunnel (basic room)
80% over the past several years due to lack of mining tailings need shredding operation and as a result operation cost reduction for tunnel (basic room) work, but in any case, and in both of these methods operate on the first place (the chest) was for mining by drilling holes drill the creation by the vastness of the place of extraction or other parameters that affect the number of holes (so-called Chal) as well as their depth varies typically from 20 10 یا addad mitavan 200 adad 100 or up sometimes start and reached a depth of holes will also create the basis of drill varies over about The use is usually based on the existing Convention and routine drills for drilling used in salt mines from the beginning and up to 1.5 m 6 to 9.
va dar nahayat -explosive bores by the peacemaker, and then gets a blast. After blasting operations separated from the salt mountain gems braathr blast on a cluttered have been collected and prepared by the loader downloads are factory.
On the method of extraction method of the tunnel and blast the same Chal extraction methods, but there are differences with the open method of
To remove salt from the blast and the mountains will be portrait or angled holes necessarily excited but in the tunnel due to the roof of the first stage, therefore, the possibility of tagging is not vertically Chal so do the breast height of highest football abanda for horizontal drilling and explosives to horizontally on the walls of a business and work surface.

Initially, this will explode the bores (because the entire surface of the blast packs a little amount of salt was hence based on the existing logic is extracted) is created with a work space inside a mountain (porous) that now can be created inside this space for vertical drilling.


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